Size Reduction & Processing Product Line

Virtus Equipment’s single shaft shredders are able to cover a wide range of applications. We offer the small L Series for plastic lumps to the G and V Series for general applications, and the X Series to achieve high throughputs. Our shredder offering also includes the W Series for wood and regenerative fuels.

The most recent addition to the Virtus Equipment family of products is the T tire shredding system. These machines are designed to process used car and truck tires. We offer complete systems to produce separated crumb or powder.
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With more than 70 years of experience, Virtus Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality size reduction machinery. Our granulator product lines cover a full range of sizes and applications. From the small A Series slow speed granulators to the versatile H Series heavy duty granulators including small and compact granulators with integrated blower and soundproofing. Learn More …

Typical products ACERETECH can provide are: High capacity performance plastics agglomerating and re-granulation lines for film recycling and pelletizing process, single-screw extrusion and pelletizing lines with diameter reducing screw structure for regular capacity but energy saving demands, and single-screw extrusion and pelletizing lines for rigid waste plastic recycling and for crushing and washing was and impurities in the plastic pre-processing.

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Virtus Equipment offers a large variety of conveyor belts, either as feeding belts for shredders and granulators, or as discharge belts to move material from the first step of shredding to a granulator in a two-step recycling process. All belts are built very sturdy and feature standard options such as a corrugated side wall further they can be equipped with a metal or magnetic free zone for the installation of a metal detector of cross belt magnet.
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Products in Action

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