ACERETECH is a creative company, focusing on the technology R&D of plastic recycling and providing equipment and solutions for plastic recycling, washing and re-granulation.
Typical products ACERETECH can provide are: High capacity performance plastics agglomerating and re-granulation lines for film recycling and pelletizing process, single-screw extrusion and pelletizing lines with diameter reducing screw structure for regular capacity but energy saving demands, and single-screw extrusion and pelletizing lines for rigid waste plastic recycling and for crushing and washing was and impurities in the plastic pre-processing.

ACERETECH Product Range

  • extrusion1

  • extrusion2

  • extrusion3

  • extrusion4

Plastics Extrusion

  • plastics1

  • plastics2.2.1

  • plastics3

  • plastics4.2.2

Plastics Re-granulation

  • compounding1

  • compounding2

Polymers Compounding

  • Regrind1

  • Regrind2.2

  • Regrind3

  • regrind4.4

  • Regrind5

Regrinding & Washing

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