General Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

General Description

The general recycling is the oldest form of recycling. In the plastic industry it started pretty late compared to the much longer existing scrap metal and paper and card board collectors and recyclers. Also the achieved recycling rate at around 25% is much lower than in the 2 longer existing areas. This on the other hand makes the field very interesting as there’s a lot of growth potential especially with raising oil prices. One thing which makes plastic recycling more and more difficult is the vast amount of different plastics and their blend with at least the same amount of possible additives and fillers.

This industry is traditionally divided into to two groups:

The Contractors
Getting waste from the plastic manufacturing industry to process it for a agreed price into re-usable products like re-grinds and/or compounds. As in this case the source and the user of the recycled material are the same and the recycled material goes straight back into the production.

The Independent Recyclers
Buying waste from all kind of sources and selling it to 3rd parties. In this case the recycled materials usually are used for a lower grade product as the buyer often does not know the source and real material specification.

Common products to be processed in both fields are usually rejected parts, runners, lumps and purgings. The input materials can be very different in their physical properties as well as in their dimension and shapes. This makes it very important to choose the right machine for each application not just to match the required throughputs but also to be able to handle the parts given.

Our Solution

Virtus offers a wide range of shredders, granulators and pulverizers for the plastics industry. To little parts like handle tiny runners to thick-walled pipes and turn them into chips, flakes, granules or even powders. We are one of the very few recycling machinery makers to have the whole spectrum for this under one roof and all made by Virtus, no OEMs. This gives us the advantage to put together just the right set up to get your job done the best and most economical way. Together with our auxiliaries equipment like belt conveyors, separators and air conveying systems we can realize complete plastics recycling systems to create a valuable product from virtually any initial infeed material.


  • We cover the whole range of machines to cover the whole process from large parts to fine powders
  • All machines and components are made in house, no OEM
  • Thousands of installations world wide which gives us knowledge of almost every recycling applications
  • Close cooperation with many recycling companies to generate new solutions and ideas for the ever changing plastic recycling market.
  • material-general-recyclingThe Virtus flat ‘E’ style rotor with the specialized knife holders and stator knife.

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