HDPE/PPR/PERT Pipe Extrusion Line

ACERETECH’s pipe extrusion line is capable of pipe with a diameter of up to 1600mm and a thickness up to 133mm.

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  1. High speed, large capacity and low power consumption. The fastest lineal speed up to 35m/min.
  2. Achieved co-extrusion with 1-5 layers and one mold with several outputs.
  3. High speed calibration and good cooling effect with spiral mold structure design and a special inner pipe cooling system.
  4. High speed material feeding with special spiral groove feeding design and outside water jacket cooling.
  5. Excellent shearing, mixing and stable extrusion with professional barrier type screw.

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Key Features

Thomas BreslinHDPE/PPR/PERT Pipe Extrusion Line