Blower Systems

Virtus offers a large variety of conveyor belts, either as feeding belts for shredders and granulators, or as discharge belts to move material from the first step of shredding to a granulator in a two-step recycling process. All belts are built very robust and feature standard options such as a corrugated side wall, which can be further equipped with a metal or magnetic free zone for the installation of a metal detector or cross belt magnet.

Virtus offers a complete program of suction systems to discharge material from the machines. These systems include blowers, piping, cyclones and bag filling stations. Additionally we offer separation equipment to separate fines from the material flow. All blower systems can be equipped with components manufactured from highly wear-resistant steels for use in abrasive applications.

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Metal detectors and Separators

Force Feeders

In order to create the best output material it is important to make sure the material is free from contamination such as metal. Virtus offers a wide range of products to detect and remove various kinds of metal contamination. This ranges from magnets used to separate ferrous metals to all metal detectors and separators to detect and separate all kinds of metal contaminants from the material stream.

To increase the throughput of the Virtus Heavy-duty granulators when used with loose materials such as bottles, we developed the force feeding system. This system forces the feeding material into the cutting chamber and avoids the common problem of material ‘dancing’ on the rotor. Adding one of these force feeders increases the throughput greatly. The force feeders are available in two basic designs: Screw and paddle type.