A — Slow Speed Plastics Granulators

Slow Speed Plastics Granulators minimizes dust and reduces noise.

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A Slow Speed Granulators Advantages

  • Direct driven staggered rotor
  • Special knife design makes adjustment unnecessary
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Slow rotor speed creates less noise and dust
  • Easily customizable to suit different applications

A 18 Granulator Brochure

A 30 Granulator Brochure

General Description

A18: Rotor Dia. 180 mm Widths: 180 mm to 430 mm
A30: Rotor Dia. 300 mm Widths: 400 mm to 800 mm

The A series slow speed plastic granulators feature a staggered rotor directly-driven by a geared motor. The low rotor speed reduces the noise level of the machine and creates less dust while grinding. The special design knives of the A series slow speed plastic granulators can be sharpened easily and do not need adjustment afterwards. The plastic is fed via a sound absorbing feed hopper that can be tailored to fit various applications and feeding ways. Depending on the requirements the granulators can be fitted with a wide variety of hoppers, they are mounted on either low or high level base frames with matching suction bins or bag filling adapters. Quick snap fasteners and hand screws make access to the granulators for cleaning and maintenance fast and easy.


The  A 18 series slow speed plastics granulator is best suited for thin-walled plastic pieces. The A 30 series slow speed plastics granulator can be used as low noise central granulators for small throughput requirements as well. Their stronger design allows them to be used for stronger and thicker materials while offering the same advantages regarding low noise and dust as the smaller A granulator. The resulting granules are then immediately reintroduced into the production process. The slow speed plastics granulator can be used for rejected products in the inline recycling process as well. Different hopper and base frame designs make it possible to integrate the granulator with most types of operations. All A model slow speed plastics granulator can be equipped with a built-in blower system in case a vacuum loading system is not available, or to transport the ground material to bags for storage

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Key Features



A18 Series A18-12A18-18A18-30A18-43
Rotor Diametermm180180180180
Rotor Widthmm120180300430
Rotor Speedrpm150150150150
Drive CapacitykW2.2344
Rotor Knivespcs12183045
Stator Knivesrows2222
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A30 Series A30-40A30-60A30-80
Rotor Diametermm300300300
Rotor Widthmm400600800
Rotor Speedrpm150150150
Drive CapacitykW7.51118.5
Rotor Knivespcs334866
Stator Knivesrows222
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