C — Tangential Compact Soundproofed Granulators

Tangential Compact Soundproofed Granulators allows even medium-sized blow molded products to be ground

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C Tangential Compact Granulators Advantages

  • Knives are adjusted outside of the machine
  • Compact design
  • Aggressive infeed and curved backwall
  • Soundproofed housing
  • Large screen area

C Tangential Granulator Brochure

General Description

C 25: Rotor Dia. 250 mm Widths: 300 mm to 600 mm
C 40: Rotor Dia. 400 mm Widths: 600 mm to 1000 mm

The C Tangential compact soundproofed granulators are designed with a completely soundproof enclosure resulting in an extremely quiet operation. Different rotor designs are available in widths ranging from 300 mm to 1000 mm. The completely welded cutting chamber in conjunction with the F type rotor design ensures dependability in operation. The curved backwall of the cutting chamber ensures an aggressive ingestions while also avoiding blockages. While it delivers excellent sound proofing capabilities, it still offers easy and quick access to the cutting chamber during rotor and stator knife changes, servicing or screen changes. The sound dampening material used in these granulators is based on the latest technological research.


The cutting geometry of the Tangential Compact Soundproofed Granulators series allows even medium-sized blow molded plastic parts to be ground. The complete series achieves a high-quality regrind independent of the material type.  The C 25 series granulators have a small footprint and easy movability make the granulators very easy to place in existing operations. The C 40 series granulators are mainly used in inline operations or small central granulators for processing of medium sized hollow thin-walled blow molded pieces or waste materials. The integrated soundproofing on both series makes it possible to easily place the granulators in existing operations. With different rotor designs and a wide variety of options the granulators can be tailored for many different applications.

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Key Features


plastic Soundproofed Granulators design

C Series Tangential C25-30C25-45C25-60C40-60C40-100
Rotor Diametermm250250250400400
Rotor Widthmm3004506006001000
Drive CapacitykW7.511152230
Rotor Knivesrows3 x 13 x 13 x 23 x 23 x 2
Stator Knivesrows22222
Screen Sizemm≥6≥6≥6≥6≥6
Effective Working Areamm x mm250 x 300250 x 450250 x 600400 x 600400 x 1000
Weight approx.kg12001400185033004000


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