P — Pipe / Profile Industrial Shredders

Pipe / Profile Industrial Shredders for large diameter plastic reclaimed pipes or bundles of smaller plastic pipes and profiles

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P Pipe and Profile Shredders Advantages

  • No pre cutting of pipes of up to 1200 mm diameter necessary
  • Virtually risk free, automated operation
  • Elimination of amperage peaks
  • High throughput rates
  • Feeding of bundles or nested pipes and profiles
  • Big diameter rotor (up to 1500 mm)

P Series Pipe/Profile Shredder Brochure

General Description

The P Series Pipe Profile shredders are the worlds first single shaft shredders able to handle large diameter reclaimed pipes up to 1200 mm without the need for pre cutting. Since their introduction they became the *per se* standard for pipe shredding and are used by the leading pipe manufacturers all over the world. More than 200 installations demonstrate our technological leadership in this industry and continuing innovation based on market demands and customer feedback. Depending on the pipe diameter the P rotor diameter and width range from 800 to 1500 mm. The standard hopper fits all pipe lengths of up to 6 m. The combination of advanced controls, low rotor speed and smooth hydraulics create a reliable and easy to use system.


The main focus of the P Series Pipe Profile shredders is the shredding of large diameter plastic pipes or bundles of smaller plastic pipes and profiles made from HDPE, PP and all kinds of PVC. Further the shredders can be used for recycling of other plastic parts, such as large plastic lumps, stacked wheelie bins and pallets. In combination with other Virtus size reduction equipment such as granulators and pulverizers we are able to provide a complete turn key recycling solution.

Help us help you!

Fill out and submit our Recycling Application Worksheet. One of our application engineers will contact you to discuss your application in more detail.

Key Features


Pipe Profile industrial Shredders description

P Series P85-80P100-100P148-150
Rotor Diametermm85210331482
Rotor Widthmm80010001500
Rotor Speedrpm403623
Drive CapacitykW2 x 372 x 452 x 55
Rotor Knivespcs6081136
Stator Knivesrows1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Ram Feeder DrivekW111515
Feeding Trough Volumem32.76.712.6
Biggest Pipemm x mm3500 x Ø6306500 x Ø8506500 x Ø120
Weight (approx.)kg11000160002500


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