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Shredder for tires

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T Tire Shredders Advantages

  • Single large diameter rotor (750 mm)
  • Proprietary knife design and material
  • Variable knife gap to improve separation of steel and rubber
  • Compact Heavy Duty design
  • High throughput rates
  • Fast and easy tool change and maintenance

Heavy-duty Tire Shredder Brochure

General Description

The T single shaft tire shredders are specially designed for the processing of complete or pre shred tires. Both shredders feature a 750 mm diameter rotor with width options 1500 mm to 3000 mm with oversized outboard bearings and twin gear drives. The tangential infeed ensures optimal feeding of the input materials while eliminating the need for a hydraulic feeding system. All tire shredders are equipped with a complete wear package, including rotor hard facing plus special knives and wear plates made from highly wear resistant steel. The T ranges differ in the number of stator knives and the screen sizes used. The modular design makes it easy to integrate either machine into existing installations.


The X series shredders with its single row of stator knives is used to pre-shred complete car tires or large pieces of pre-reduced truck tires down to a size of approx 150 mm. The twin rows of stator knives and screen in the tire shredder enable it to process the tire shreds down to any required size > 20 mm. The unique shredder design combined with the variable cutting gap create an optimal separation of rubber and steel fractions when the shredder is used with 20 mm screen. Therefore steel can be removed easily in the following process with magnetic separation equipment. The shredders are also used in the processing of RDF and other alternative fuel applications.

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Key Features


tire shredders design

T Series T76-150T76-200T76-300
Rotor Diametermm760760760
Rotor Widthmm150020003000
Rotor Speedrpm454545
Drive CapacitykW2 x 902 x 110On request
Rotor Knivespcs7696136
Stator Knivesrows1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Screen Sizemm>16>16>16
Effective Areamm x mm1005 x 16201005 x 20201005 x 2820


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