PVC Glazed / Corrugated Tile Extrusion Line

The PVC glazed and corrugated tile extrusion line consists of premixing units, conical extruder, co-extruder, T-die mold, calibration device, embossing rollers, a saw cutter, and a hauling set.

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  • Bright and colorful
  • Resilient and durable. Use life of 20+ years
  • Excellent insulator, flame retardant
  • Corrosive proof and strong weather resistance
  • Easy installation

General Description

PVC corrugated tile is a kind of asbestos-free composited sheet, extruded based on PVC resin, and co-extruded with ASA, PMMA engineering plastic. IT si mainly applied in the construction of buildings, to meet high quality decoration demand. It is also used as roofing tile, used in parks and other public areas.


Premixing the PVC resin with fillers and other additives, then extrude the mixed PVC materials together with ASA/PMMA co-extruding, to T-die molding. Next is embossing, cutting, to make the final PVC tile.

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Thomas BreslinPVC Glazed / Corrugated Tile Extrusion Line