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Virtus is focused on the development and production of size reduction machinery for the plastics and general recycling industries. Our core strength lies as a machinery and component producer.  As such we are an ideal partner for systems integrators and OEM projects.

We remain committed to the improvement and development of size reduction machinery.  The Virtus product consists of three main machine types; heavy-duty granulators, industrial shredders and briquette presses.

Our granulator product lines cover a full range of sizes and applications. We start from the slow speed, beside the press models of the A Series, and the compact soundproofed granulators of the C Series.  The large H Series Heavy-duty granulators are also used in these applications as well as high throughput operations and demanding post-consumer recycling.

Our second machine category is the Virtus Single Shaft Shredders. Again, we are able to cover a wide range of applications.  We offer the L Series for plastic purging’s, the G and V Series for general applications, and the X Series to achieve high throughputs. Our shredder offering also includes the W Series for wood and regenerative fuels.

The most recent addition to the Virtus family of products is the Tire Shredding System.   These machines are designed to process used car and truck tires. We offer complete systems to produce separated crumb or powder.