Wood Recycling

wood recycling

Process Overview

Recycling in this industry mostly means converting wood input materials into a homogeneous product, which is then normally used as a fuel for any kind of boilers.

Input materials usually come in the form of cut offs from joineries and saw mills, used wooden pallets, construction waste and similar sources. But it also can include other organic products like all kind of straws and husks, coconut shells and fibers, EFB, etc. The final size of the product is very much depending on its use and can be large chunks to go directly into big industrial boilers; medium to small size chips for household boilers or to be processed into briquettes; small chips to saw dust to make pellets or to be used in chip boards and as fillers.

Our Solution

As we have a large range of recycling machines to suit such applications we are able to serve the whole industry with just the right machine, from the little joinery to the large pellet producer and we are further able to get a final product of virtually any size, from chunks to wood dust.

For the pre-breaking and rough sizing Virtus offers a wide range of shredders, from 15 kW to 320 kW drives. These shredders can handle all kind of input materials at ranges from 200 kg/h to 10 t/h. Commonly, the output chip size is about 50 mm, but also smaller sizes can be achieved. Those machines are not very vulnerable to contaminations like steel wires or nails, which can be removed afterwards with by magnets like cross belts magnets or magnetic head drums.

For the next step of size reduction to take the chips down to saw dust we offer several granulators and hammermills. The granulators are usually the better choice when the pre-shred material is free of all ferrous and mineral contaminations as they provide a precise cut and therefore a uniform output material. The machines Virtus offers for this step are ranging from 11 kW up to 400 kW with matching outputs of 300 kg/h to 10 t/h.

If the pre-shred material has a high level of mineral contaminants, then we suggest the use of hammermills. Those machines are invulnerable to abrasive particles and will help to free them from the organic input materials. They are also highly effective in opening up the inputs to a nice fibrous end product, which has very good bonding abilities as they are needed, e.g. when making pellets.

To round up our supply abilities we have a large choice of standard and customized auxiliary products like conveyors, separators, blowers and cyclones which enables us to offer whole turn key set ups or complete your existing recycling lines.

  • wood-1Virtus W shredder including discharge belt and magnetic separation system.

  • wood-2

    Virtus briquetting press to create pellets from shredded wood scrap.

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