Recycling Machinery Spare Parts

Shredder Knives

Granulator Blades

The Virtus shredder knives can be turned once one side is worn out, this helps increase the blades lifetime. If you need new blades contact your local Virtus distributor and they will be able to supply them to you.

A granulator performs best and most economical when the blade is sharp. Regular knife changes and correct setting of the cutting gap help ensure a good final result and reduced power consumption. We keep blades in stock, as do our local distributors to supply you with a fresh blade whenever you need it.


Other Standard Parts

The right screen size can make a big difference in the performance of a machine, and sometimes you just need a new screen fast. Most standard screen sizes are available in stock, or can be manufactured quickly. This includes screens made from wear resistant materials or stainless steel.

From bolts to V-belts, there are many more parts to a Virtus machine than knives, screens and rotors, but the spare part service is the same. We keep most standard parts in stock available for a fast delivery, should you need it. Contact your local distributor for more information and quick deliveries.

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