VIRTUS is your full service size reduction supplier

Nearly 14 year has passed since Virtus, a world leader in the manufacturing of recycling and size reduction equipment, started to market our line of granulators and shredders to the North American market.  Our equipment was marketed under the well-recognized brands of Cumberland, AEC, Sterling, and Economizer, (collectively the ACS Group).  We were the ACS Group’s primary supplier of shredders and several lines of granulators.  In March of this year, we began to market these products directly to the North America market.

VIRTUS, a leading manufacturer of size reduction equipment, is expanding its operations and sales network to the North American market.  VIRTUS has established a sales and service operation outside of Chicago.

VIRTUS has traditionally focused on the development and production of size reduction machinery for the plastics industry. Today, however VIRTUS has expanded into related industries such as tire recycling, e-waste, post-consumer waste, and waste to energy applications. Our core strength lies as a machinery and component producer and we remain committed to the improvement and development of size reduction machinery. The VIRTUS product consists of three main machine types: granulators, shredders, and briquetters.

Our granulator product lines cover a full range of sizes and applications. We start from the slow speed, beside-the-press models of the A Series and the compact soundproofed granulators of the C Series. These machines are commonly used in injection, blow-molding, and extrusion applications. The large H Heavy Duty Granulators are also used in these applications, as well as high throughput operations and demanding post-consumer recycling.

Our second machine category is the VIRTUS Single Shaft Shredders. Again, we are able to cover a wide range of applications. We offer the small L Series for purgings, the G and V Series for general applications, and the X Series to achieve high throughputs.

An important milestone was the development of the P Series Pipe Shredder. These machines allow the processing of pipes with up to 1200 mm diameter and 6 m length without the need for pre-cutting. There is no comparable product available on the market today.

The most recent addition to the VIRTUS family of products is the T Series Tire Shredding System. These machines are designed to process used car and truck tires. We offer complete systems to produce separated crumb or powder.

VIRTUS’ North America operations will be centrally located in a 21,000 square foot facility in the Chicago area.   The facility will stock various machines and aftermarket parts as well as a material testing center.  The VIRTUS–America operation is staffed by personnel knowledgeable in the size reduction industry.

Product, pricing and support are the key considerations when choosing a manufacturer’s equipment.  The VIRTUS product line is the most comprehensive line in the size reduction industry. No competitor has the product breath and quality that VIRTUS does in the areas of granulation and shredding.

VirtusEquip_AdminVIRTUS is your full service size reduction supplier