Compacting/Agglomerating and Pelletizing Line

ACS-H series combines crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing into one step.

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ACS-H compacting and pelletizing system advantages

  • Combines crushing, compacting and pelletizing steps in one system
  • Higher efficiency feeding, suitable for film, filament, foaming materials, etc.
  • Low energy consumption with high production output
  • Overseas installation and training are available
  • Machine warranty

General Description

The ACS-H series compacting and pelletizing system combines the function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing into one step. Applied in the plastics recycling and pelletizing process, the ACS-H system is a reliable and efficient solution for the re-pelletizing of plastic films, raffias, filaments, bags, and foaming materials. The final output produced by the ACS system is in the form of pellets/granules and can be directly put into the production line for film blowing, pipe extrusion, and plastics injection.


System Composition: Belt conveyor, cutting compactor, single-screw extruder, pelletizing device, water cooling unit, de-watering section, conveying blower and production silo.
Output Range: 150kg/h – 1000kg/h
Feeding Device: Belt conveyor(standard), Rolls hauling off device(optional)
Compactor Volume: 300L – 1200L
Screw Diameter: 80mm – 160mm
Screw Material: 38CrMoAIA nitride steel
Screw L/D: 31/1, 32/2, 34/1, 36/1 (depending on features)
Barrel’s Heating: Ceramic heater or Casting Aluminum heater
Barrel’s Cooling: Air cooling through fan blowers
Optional Devices: Metal detector, rolls hauling off device, micro feeder, chiller, etc.

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Key Features

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